Well, it's been quite awhile, but Tranquility is back up! As you can see (unless you never saw the old site), it's been completely redesigned... I hope everyone likes it.

By the way, a friend of mine said not only did Tranquility go back online on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 2003, but there's also 303 days left in the year. Hrmmm...

The music should be working, provided that little power light is on, of course. You guys know how it goes, so don't be too mad at me it isn't working - I'll try and keep it running when I can.

Speaking of the music, I've kinda gotten obsessed with 80's music lately, so I'll prolly start out by playing that for a while (don't worry, the smooth grooves will be back soon). Sorry if you don't like 80's... give it a chance and float back to a different time. I tried to pick out good songs without getting too cheezy (well, it IS 80's hehe).

I'm going to expand the gallery more soon, as soon as I get some good scans of my old and current work.

Unfortunately, its seems I've lost the content from the old site. Ah well, fresh start it is! By the way, if anyone is looking for something from the old site (or if you somehow have a copy of the old sites stuff), let me know.

Well guys and girls, what can I say? It's great to be back! This site will have some cool stuff, I promise ;)