Well, Tranquility's been back up for a few days now. Tranquility will most likely be moving to a new site within 2 days (yay, a semi-permanent one!).

I've gotten a great response to the radio station, lotta 80's freaks out there :). I've expanded the songlist to 100 songs and will probably be adding more soon.

Here's a couple of good 80's linx:

X-Entertainment - One of my long-time favorite sites.
Driko Land
The 80's Server

One thing thats killing me is the name of the group that sings that "Talk talk" song (it's being used in a Cingular commercial right now). I tried looking and couldn't find an answer (I'm not even sure what the song is called). If anyone knows who it is, please let me know.

**Update** Well, I've been informed (mere hours after I posted this) that the song Talk Talk was done by the band Talk Talk... and is from the album Talk Talk (thx Scott)... I think it was hard for me to find this out because I had seen it listed like that and thought "no way...". But apparently, thats really the name of the band, and the song, and the album. Talk about setting yourself up as a one hit one wonder... :)