> Shoutouts

Hey all,

I was trying to figure out what to write today, and I realized that I have some messages to give to people... most of them overdue. So, here's some props to my peeps (and a few messages from friends):

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Carla and Christina, really late Birthday wishes to Chung and Eddie.
Kasia: Sorry to hear about your situation :~( ... Hang in there babe, you have a lot of friends here in America missing you and can't wait till you come back!
Viv and Toula: Good luck out there sweeties!
And last but not least...
Get well soon Bacchus!

Asia P. I miss you! Siostra Sister!
Artur don't give up! I miss you tooooooo! So much!
Jaga, happy half-birthday to your baby. I wish you a lot of patience with your psychotic patients.
Robson, relax and don't push too hard.
Kasia, you're in good hands, don't worry about anything.

Manny I miss you.
Hi Kasia!! I wish you were here.

And there we are.

As for Tranquility news, I'm working hard to try and get the radio station onto its own computer, which will result in a more stable connection and a much happier, tranquil Enderpanda.