> Ra

The ice has melted, the birds have come back. We have seen days become brighter, the scented air grow warmer, and nature begins to reawaken... Yet Winter tries to keep its icy grip, battling every day with Sol to bring his frozen wrath. Not to worry, Ra shall drive the Northern Wind back to Canadia, and we will bask in his glorious luminosity once more.

Sorry, I felt a bit inspired there... Summer is getting closer! As usual, Spring is a vicious season in Chicago; cold rainy cold cold warm cold freezing cold warm rainy warm freezing cold freezing warm rainy warm cats dogs fire brimstone... and always windy.

But it will be over soon, Summer will be soon be here. Chicago as a whole will rub the sleep from its eyes, go outside, check the temperature for themselves just to be sure, take off its collective coats and long underwear, stretch, and run to the beach or bar.

So anyway, I was kinda going for that Winter into Summer theme when I made the new banner picture.

The radio station will unfortunatly remain out of order for now :(

Oh mighty Ra, fiery Sol, may you turn your golden gaze unto me...