> The Red Pill...

Okay, I know I havn't updated in a while, very sorry people.

First off, some belated tidings:

1) Happy Mother's Day! Especially to my mom Mary Ann (of course), Shell (my mom in Chicago), and Milana (my co-worker and one hell of a mom).

2) Happy Birthday to my sister Lauren! My sister rocks, as you will all know when she becomes a massively famous actor (mark my words).

3) R.I.P. Stitch, may you find your lost family and friends in the afterlife.

In other news, I saw the Matrix 2 opening night (that would be 10:30 on Wed. night in Chicago :P)... Loved it, go see it. Right now.

With the release of the Matrix 2 comes the release of the last public-release Animatrix episode. If you like the Matrix movies at all, watch these episodes. The art and stories are absolutely incredible, and they add a lot to the understanding of the movies.

Snickers with Almonds... mmmmm... I've never really liked Snickers all that much, but there's something about their spinoffs... Snickers Crunch and Snickers with Almonds... true masterpieces of candy bar enginering. There's something mesmerizing about the word Snickers three times in a row, isn't there?

I'll have more updates soon, I really will... Cross my heart and hope to... well, maybe not... I'll get more updates done and leave it at that.