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I've been watching a lot of VH1 lately. I honestly have to say that VH1 has developed into a pretty good station. They seemed to have shed their "contemporary adult" image in favor of a more "hip, young" format. My favorite show is "I Love the 80's" - absolutely brilliant and fun to watch (Mo Rocca is hilarious). Some of those documentary and countdown shows are good too (i.e. "Top 50 Hip Hop/Female Singers/etc. ", "Driven", etc.). They also show some pretty good movies, and some not so good movies - "Saturday Night Fever" isn't bad, but one has to question the wisdom of showing an edited-for-tv version of "Showgirls".

Unlike MTV, you can still see videos on VH1 every once in a while. Anyway, I decided to make a short list of bad and good new videos I've seen recently. I'm pretty sure each one came out this year, but I could be wrong (god knows their showing them enough these days). So, I now present to you:

Enderpanda's Top 3 Worst and Best Videos of 2003 - Almost Summer Edition

The Worst:

1) "Try It On My Own" - Our first one comes from Whitney "Only-Poor-People-Smoke-Crack" Houston. I think what I hate about this video is that it's so contrived. It's got her singing in front of some people in a nearly empty theatre. The people in the audience are looking at each other questioningly and shaking their heads - apparently they don't approve - I guess cause she's "trying it on her own". That's funny, sounds like every other song she's put out in the last decade to me. About halfway through the video, she throws off her hat, and suddenly there's a cheering audience, clapping like idiots for the rest of the song. Please.

2) "I Drove All Night" - Again, I hate this video cause it's so contrived. Black and white shots of Celine Dion dancing in front of a light, trying every possible position to get you to notice that long string of pearls she's wearing. Real creative. The fact that they play that damn car commercial with the same song every 20 minutes doesn't help either.

3) "American Life" - I used to like Madonna, I really did. Even that last video where she's in the prison and having a swordfight with herself wasn't bad. But these days, I dunno... I think she's starting to reach and even get desperate. I'm sure you all heard how she pulled the original video and her explanation for doing it. Fine, whatever... but to replace it with three and half minutes of her lip-synching with different national flags in the background? C'mon...

The Best:

1) "Can't Stop" - The Red Hot Chili Peppers have always made innovative videos. I think this is the best one they've ever done. It's very creative, funny, and it shows how cool Modern Art can be. The sense of design in the shots is phenomenal.

2) "Bring Me Back To Life" - This is from a new (new to me, anyway) band called Evanescence. Normally grunge/alternative stuff isn't my thing, but once in a while a band gets it right. It's got a female lead singer (Amy Lee), and this song is a duet with a male singer from a different band (Paul McCoy). The video's just awesome, it's basically her singing while walking around the outside a video in a night gown. Okay, that doesn't sound like much, but it's really cool, look for it.

3) "Intuition" - Okay, it's WAY different from anything else Jewel has done before, but that's obviously the point. I didn't like it when I first saw it, I was just thinking, "What the hell..." But after a while I got it and I think it's pretty funny now. I mostly included this one cause my roomate insisted. ;)