> Tranquility Day 3

Little DC humor there for ya...

Hi all, Tranquility's been up for a couple of days now, so far so good.

I'm going to try and keep a "Penny-Arcade schedule", which is updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I might do more, but I will try and update at least that much.

This summer has been really mild in Chicago, but it's been ridiculous the last couple of days. It's felt like late September, not mid-August. Today's a little bit warmer, hopefully it will get hot at least one more time before Fall (I really want to go the beach and few more bbq's before it gets cold as death here again).

Speaking of weather, there's apparently a slight breeze heading through Florida right now. Good luck down there (and get the hell out!).

I installed XP Service Pack 2 recently. I've had one or two minor problems with it, but on the whole I'm very impressed with Microsoft's work. They fixed a lot of major problems, especially with Internet Explorer (no more pop-ups or drive-by downloads!). I often don't like Microsoft's updates, but I highly recommend installing this one, they did a good job. There's a great review of SP2 at the Supersite for Windows. There's also a slipstreaming guide on how to integrate your XP cd and SP2 into one bootable cd (saving tremendous headaches).

That Alien vs. Predator movie looks pretty cool (could be bad, but at least the effects will be cool). I read the Alien books, the Predator books, and the Alien vs. Predator books, as well as the comics (and of course, all the movies). Alien vs. Predator was my first online game (and I'm still in the same clan). I love the whole concept, and have been waiting for them to make a movie of AvP. I really hope it's good.