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I saw Alien vs. Predator over the weekend. All in all, the movie was decent. The effects were cool, it paid homage to some elements from the books, and some of the fight scenes were pretty badass. But one or two parts were just so DUMB! In particular, there's one really silly thing they do with an alien head. The audience actually laughed out loud (me included) a few times, and that's really not a good sign. If you really like Alien and Predator, go ahead and see it... otherwise, wait for the DVD.

Who remembers V?

Microsoft has released a list of potential problems with SP2, as well as a list of programs known to have conflicts. It's surprisingly long, but it's good that they are taking responsibility and providing solutions. I myself have only had minor problems, usually solved by updating programs (many programs that have had problems have already released patches). So far, the benefits seem to far outweigh the problems, and I still recommend downloading it (you don't have to download it directly, you can also just enable automatic updates). Make sure you have a backup of your files, in case you run into problems.

One program I did have trouble with is Dave's Quick Search Deskbar (one of my very favorite programs). Apparently the new Windows Firewall doesn't like DQSD and tries to block it. A fairly easy solution can be found here. It's a registry hack, which not everyone will be comfortable with, but the instructions are pretty straightforward.