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I missed the airshow over the weekend. Ah well, there's always next year.

I've decided to upload something I did a while back. I hate the default Windows XP "My Computer" and "Recycle Bin" icons, especially how they look on dark backgrounds. Besides, aren't most computers and monitors black now? So, I changed them.

I tried to make them better while retaining the integrity of the original images. As you can see, the My Computer icon is dark, looking more like modern computers (except Macs of course). I changed the Recycle Bin's color (yeah, I know, I like purple alot) and gave it a new effect: instead of filling the bin with paper, the recycle symbol glows.

Click here to download them. To install them, unzip the file, then right-click on your desktop, select Properties, click the Desktop tab, click the Customize Desktop button, and change the icons by selecting the icon (My Computer, Recycle Bin (Full), and Recycle Bin (Empty)), clicking the Change Icon button, and browsing for the new icons. You can easily uninstall them by clicking Restore Default.

Here's a cool site I came across, What Happens If I... They do some of those crazy things we always wanted to do as a kid. It looks like they're just getting started, the site's brand-new.