> ULA21!


Ula is a great friend of mine and she's 21 now! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO.

So let's hear some comentary from Fark cliche Limecat...

Nothing to say, as usual.

So yeah, I probably wont be doing any updates this weekend, I'll be partying hard withl the Ula-meister.

I uploaded a lot of music to the radio station. So far I've gotten a good response from what I've played so far, though some still miss the 80's and harder electronic stuff. Maybe someday I'll get back to that, but for now I'm trying to emphasize a more "Tranquil" nature on the radio.

Here's what I'm going after - a groovey, mellow, funky, spacey station that will show you some of the stuff that I love, while creating a chill atmosphere that occasionally breaks into slightly heavier rhythms and some definitely heavy house and old skool. Sound good to you? I hope so...

I would like to keep it pretty "uniform" - which is to say, on the down-low ("Keep it on the low-down", "You mean the down-low", "No doubt"). I am (and always have been) infatuated with trippy, spacey music, and I've worked a lot of that into the station (The Orb, Vangelis [Blade Runner], Boards of Canada, to name a few). Plus, I've really fallen in love with Old Skool lately - late 70's and early 80's rap and disco. I love Friday nights - the 103FM Old Skool Jam in Chicago - can't get enough of it.

So I've uploaded some Jamiroquai - I listened to him a few years ago, but with my recent obsession with Old Skool, I've grown to worship him as unto a god. I also added some more St. Germain (cause you really can't ever have enough).

Those are probably readily recognizable to most of you, what you might not be familiar with is the next few names. Kenji Kawaii - he did the music in one of my very favorite movies, "Ghost in the Shell". Mark Morgan - he did the music for the games "Fallout" 1 and 2. Goldfrapp did the song on the new Gameboy commercials, "Strict Machine" (those phenomenal commercials with the guy playing a Gameboy and all the old Nintendo characters around him - a masterpiece). The song Strict Machine itself is very trancey, and rather loud, which doesn't really fit with the radio, but I found some great remixes that work rather well.

Other additions include some select tracks from Moby's Everything is Wrong (a life changing album for me, back in the day), a couple of Jaydee songs (including his aptly titled, "Think for a While"), and some Zero One and Eat Static (both unknown to me before, but now some of my favorite sounds).

By the way, I'm proud to say I discovered all of these artists through the internet. For the record (since it's my first time mentioning this issue on this page), the RIAA can rot in hell, they are a bunch of lying, thieving, disgusting bastards who really need to get over themselves and stop making money off the revolution that they will never stop (more on that later).

On a final note, the SMK site and forums are back up (yay!). SMK has been through some trying times this year - at one point I came very close to just giving up. But I and some other very good people are working hard to get our beloved clan back into shape. Fortunately, we've been getting some tremendous support, and things are looking very good right now. SMK Forever!