> Newbie Year

Happy Holidays y'all.

Hope everyone had a good Xmas, mine was pretty damn fine...

I got a digital camera, so you know what that means: pictures of kitties! Widdle button-nosed keitchas! Adorable snuggly wuggly - *gunshot* - I mean... pictures of Americans... yeah... Americans... doing American stuff... yup...

On a very serious note, my condolences for all the victims of the tsunami. For more info on the tsunami itself and relief efforts, these are the three "best" (in quotes because I don't want to get accused of celebrating a disaster, like many other sites have - also why I'm not hosting the videos) sites for info on the tsunami and how to help with relief efforts I've seen so far:


This horrible mess is virtually incomprehensible... especially when you take into account the fact that that part of world really didn't need any more crap piled onto their heads...

And I REALLY didn't want to get into this, but I feel I have to... To all those right-wing Christian bastards that are proclaiming SE Asia deserves no sympathy for not being Christian - you deserve to rot in the Hell you created you hypocritical, self-serving, self-righteous fucks. Grow up, get a life, stop using people's beliefs as political footballs, learn a little about the world for a change, and remember that Jesus was all-forgiving and took "sinners" as his chosen people - learn and live the shit you preach. Idiots.

Sorry about the language and the preachiness, but I couldn't think of another way to say it.

I also would like to say I support the bloggers, keep up the incredible work, and I support the message to ISPs - give them a break. Bloggers are doing us all a service, stop trying to make money off them and this tragedy. Use common sense - sacrifice a little bit for the good of all... this will all be a good test to see which ISPs actually care about anything and the ones that just want to make money - and don't tell me it's "just business". Economy would dictate that everyone will be watching what happened during all of this, which ISPs were saints and which ones were complete asses... and our business will be conducted thusly. As holds true for the rest of the internet - either get with it, or get out of the way.


Other than that...

I'm glad my Uncle B. is feeling better - I'm sure you'll be putting your grand kids on the fridge in no time :)

Had a great New Year, thanx to Chris, Angela, James (not me, the other one), Tony, Asia, Viv, Travis, Lisa, Christina, Julio, Omar, and bunch of other people for providing rides, hosting, and making New Years a great time as always :) Especial props to Tien and Rene for being here and partying with us. And honorable mention goes to Jim and Art for keeping it interesting. Not to mention the Chicago Transit Authority for doing something right this year and continuing the the penny-a-ride tradition - it's a great idea that I'm sure saves a lot of lives.

You all rock. Hard.

Happy New Year!

With love to everyone - Panda