> Yuki

Yuki - n. snow (Japanese)


It's a class III winter-wonderland in Chicago.. nothin' almost all year and now this.

We dodged a major snow storm over the holidays - a perfect, beautiful, curving column of hell-made-unto-ice sweeping through Southern Missouri, up through Illinois, and pummeling its way through Indiana... But not a flake in St. Louis (where I was for the holidays) or Chicago.

A week later, we get blasted. Couldn't happen over the holidays to make it feel like the holidays, no... it waited for January depression, bill-paying, and responsibilities to sink in. Thanks, fate, you do a classy job as always.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain... it is snow, after all. It was pretty until the dogs and snowplows were done with it. I took a couple of shots from my front window at about 11pm the night it started.


They're pretty much the same shot, one with a flash (hrrmm... guess which one?) to show the snow falling. The storm continued through the next afternoon, leaving us with about a foot on the ground.

Anyway, back to politics...

The Bush administration has had an interesting last seven days:

First off, the war on terror continues as they requested $25 million from Congress so they can hold terror suspects for up to life, without any evidence or due process. This request comes despite the fact that they still have yet to win even one case against any of the terror detainees. Not one. AND those very cases that they lost are themselves now being investigated for misconduct. Try Googling for "terror convictions" and see what you come up with. But they want more money and less civil liberties. Gosh, why not?

Remember when Bush promised to never cut social security benefits? Remember how he said Kerry and the Democrats would raise taxes unnecessarily to pay for social programs? Guess what he's doing, now that the election is over. Of course, this kind of "reform" could only be marketed to the public by a guy like Karl Rove, who's "headed for an iceberg" strategy is outlined in a recently-released memo, "'We need to establish in the public mind a key fiscal fact: right now we are on an unsustainable course,' the e-mail said. 'That reality needs to be seared into the public consciousness; it is the precondition to authentic reform.'" Yup, force America into believing there is a problem so we can get away with just about anything. Beautiful.

Plus, the Republicans' post-election policy of healing and bridging-the-gap through bipartisanship has been made clear near the end of the memo, "But Democrats and liberals are in a precarious position; they are attempting to block reform to a system that almost every serious-minded person concedes needs it. They are in a position of arguing against modernizing a system created almost four generations ago. Increasingly the Democrat Party is the party of obstruction and opposition. It is the Party of the Past." Man, they've got some balls.

Bush's complete joke of an education reform, "No Child Left Behind", also made the news today. You see, the Bush administration apparently paid Armstrong Williams $240,000 to endorse the program on his show and interview Education Secretary Rod Paige. Wow. Yet they continue to scream at us that there is a liberal bias in the media. Who needs bias when you're flat-out paying the pundits?

I'm so glad the Republicans won because they are the "moral" party. God's president!

Althooough... I do have to give props and congratulate Bush for being a true hero and putting up a whopping $10,000, of his own money, towards relief for the tsunami victims. Way to go George!

In other news, Sandra Bullock donates $1 mil to tsunami victims...