> My Stewie, the Hero

Well, I think I have a new hero.

His name is Jon Stewart.

For anyone living under a rock, he is the host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central. He's smart, he's charismatic, he's funny - all great things to have in showbiz.

But that's the problem with showbiz today... they're all charismatic and sm... well funny... er.. no they're not that either...

Let's face it - they suck.

That's why Jon is so awesome - he's all those things, and he has something else that separates him from the rest: integrity.

Here is proof positive: Jon Stewart on CNN. (Courtesy of Ifilm... for the record, I hate Ifilm.. sorry about the stupid ads).

Jon brought to light so many things that are wrong with the media and threw it in their faces, without any dirty tricks, on their own ground. He challenged them, and they failed tremendously (I swear you could almost see that bow-tie spin).

That's the funny thing about comedians: they tend to be pretty smart and pretty dead-on with their observations. Ha-ha it's funny cause it's true. And then some comedians go beyond that and really push what they feel, no matter what: George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Hicks, Al Franken....

They go the distance, they say stuff not just cause it's funny, but because they want to make a change, make a difference. Every one of those "comedians" is pissed as hell and are dealing with their anger in incredible, society-changing ways.

They all want the same thing: WAKE UP! They want to get society out of this everliving string of mediocrity, catharsis, stupidity, and status quo. They despise corporations like Madonna and Britney Spears and musicians like the RIAA. They utterly hate racism and all other prejudices, but will tell you the funniest "racist" jokes you've ever heard. They'll convert Christians to Satanism and sell igloos to Eskimos.

These people complain and show us the truth of our existence. You might ask, "What difference did they make? The world still sucks."

To that I tell you this: imagine how much more it could have sucked. It was people like this, speaking their mind, that has kept this country from degenerating into far worse condition than it is. They are the voice of hope.

So, with great pomp and circumstance, I would like to inaugurate Jon Stewart into my list of personal heroes.

*Pours a 40 onto the ground, kisses fingers, and makes a peace sign.*

BTW, mere days after Stewart made his appearance, by sheer coincidence I'm sure, CNN has decided to cancel Crossfire and not renew Tucker Carlson's contract. Hehe.