> A Sad Day

On Wednesday, the US announced it had given up the search for WMD's in Iraq.

I think this is a rather sad day. It has now been confirmed, without a doubt - the reasons we were given for going into Iraq were false.

Yeah, you could argue that they had all these WMD's, but moved them out in time before the US (and the UN) got there. But wouldn't you find evidence of them being there at some point, especially after occupying the country for however many months, after proclaiming "Mission Accomplished"? Especially since so much intelligence has been focused on Iraq for so many years? Wouldn't you see them operating, then moving, wholesale mind you, tons and tons of highly contraband stuff... A whole, whole lot of it, enough to qualify it for a "weapon of mass destruction". You would think, with the amount of military intelligence that has been in the area for decades, they might notice something like that.

According to the 2004 Presidential Election exit polls, most Americans thought that WMD's would be or had been found in Iraq. As of today, even the American government itself has admitted total failure in that respect. On top of that, most Americans believed that Iraq had a connection to 9-11. There is still absolutely no evidence of that. There is, however, a lot of evidence that Saudi Arabia had, well, everything to do with it. No troops there, nor will there be any time soon (if you don't know why, do some research, I'm not going to get into that right now).

But we did send troops to Afghanistan, right? The ones who were housing Osama, the ones responsible for 9-11... right? We certainly bombed the hell out of them... got to test those new 'daisy-cutters' on a nation that has been utterly devastated by war for centuries. Landed a whole bunch of soldiers on that vicious nation too... by some accounts, almost as many soldiers as there are police in Manhattan. And Osama still runs free. Yes, we certainly taught the people responsible for 9-11 a lesson.

Iraq, on the other hand, with still still no proven connection to 9-11, has been fully "occupied". By "occupied" I mean this (as of this morning):

- 1359 American deaths (1222 of them since "Mission Accomplished")
- 10,252 Americans officially wounded (much more estimated)
- Between 15,323-17,537 Iraqis killed (wounded numbers unknown... just make up a ridiculous number)
- Oh, and we can't forget, 153 Americans killed in Afghanistan (not to mention at least 3,000 CIVILIAN Afghani deaths)

(sources: antiwar.com, iraqbodycount.net, cursor.org)

So that's roughly 16,000 human beings confirmed dead so far by this war.

A war that was sold to the American public for a reason that defied the rationale of the U.N. and almost the entire rest of the world. A reason that had been ingrained into the heart and consciousness of every American since 9-11. A reason that has utterly destroyed our economy and put so many people out of work... destroyed so many lives. A reason that has changed our lives forever...

Our Safety.

Bush told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that inevitably would be used against us. Many of us believed him. We now know that he was wrong.

Which leaves two distinct possibilities: 1) Military intelligence, after 9-11, somehow managed to let WMD's slip by in Iraq, though they apparently never saw any in the first place... and based on that intelligence, we went to war... or 2) we were lied to.

You know Ockham's razor... #2 seems to be the obvious choice.

Our worst fears were used against us, and still are being used. Airport security is ridiculous, parking meters are being bagged in Chicago for "anti-terrorist" means, the terror alert goes up and down through its many colors, and our civil rights are being reduced more and more each day in the name of anti-terrorism and security.

Yet the government has yet to win a single case against a 9-11 terrorist suspect, Iraq lays in ruins and has become a hornet's nest for non-Iraqi terrorists, we've pissed off nearly every country on the globe, the Patriot Act, Osama and the other people really responsible for 9-11 run free, and over 16,000 people are dead. (But dude, we like totally OWN the oil market over there now, and the business ventures being undertaken by America's richest companies is totally badass! It'll be just like America soon!)

Today is a sad day. Sad for all those people (like myself) who believed G.W. when he assured us that we were going into war for the right reasons. Sad for the 1359 American soldiers who have died, and the thousands of families and friends who have been destroyed by their loss. Sad for the tens of thousands of Iraqis that have been killed, and wounded, and had their lives utterly annihilated by this war.

But most of all, I think it's sad for victims of 9-11... This is an absolute mockery of justice for the people who lost their lives, the businesses, families, friends, and lives destroyed, and the effect that is has had on all of America. To take a terrible tragedy, use it for political gain, do virtually nothing to catch the people responsible (and cover your own asses by refusing to cooperate with any independent investigation), use those emotions from the tragedy to invade a nation that had nothing to do with it, based on completely false information...

Frankly, I can't go on. I'm tired and disgusted. Excuse me while I go throw up.