Hi all,

I'm sorry if you've been irritated by the political posts lately. I promised myself when I made this site I would say the way I feel, put myself out there, not kowtow to others, and hopefully make some kind of a difference...

I also promised myself that I wouldn't get into politics - it's too messy, too emotional, would turn people off, and I had no room to talk since I didn't follow politics very much (in fact, distanced myself from it as much as possible). It wasn't that I didn't understand politics - I just utterly despised it.

AND I had never voted a day in my life.

Since then, I have gone through a tremendous amount of changes (we all have). At the time I made this site, if you would have told me I'd be all political and stuff a few years later, I would have called you crazy (and a filthy, filthy liar). I hated politics because I had utterly no faith in the system... and well, I still don't. I've always been fascinated by politics (the same way I'm fascinated with cultural and social relationships), but American politics in action disgusts me because it is a mockery of principles it represents. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Liberal, Conservative... it was all the same to me, didn't make a difference - it's all corrupt, nothing you do will change anything.

I still feel that way, that politics are basically a silly game (the electoral college being the silliest of all). Despite that, I voted for the first time in my life in 2004... mostly for one reason: Bush. He inspired me to it.. it took a guy like that in office to get me off my ass and contribute to the process that I had no faith in. But I had faith... and I voted... and we lost.

I was very disillusioned by that... I tried, went with my heart and mind, and the system failed me. It was a crushing defeat... For my roommate (the always illustrious Orion), it meant an end of paying attention to politics (and who can blame him). For me, it was new beginning: I tried the system, followed your rules, and lost. But I have something I never had before: room to talk. I voted. My candidate lost, but I can now bitch for the next four years. That is my right. I earned it. I voted. I put in my two cents.

I'm proud as hell that I voted. When I think about it, it seems ridiculous that I contributed my vote to a blue candidate, in a thoroughly blue state, to an election that I never "agreed" to in the first place, for a system that I hate. It's stupid.

There's the whole "but what if everyone didn't vote" argument, which is completely valid, and I'm happy I stood up myself among the masses and cast my opinion into the herd...But more importantly I felt that I myself had made a difference... if even a little teensy bit. As I preach a lot, one person is definitely capable of that (my recent love letter to John Stewart is a good example).

So I'm going to use my American right of free-friggin-speech (*ahem*.. Amendment 1 - US Constitution..). I'm pissed off, and I'm going to yell... I'm going to yell and scream until I'm completely hoarse (that more or less means staying up late at night trying to type stuff that makes sense). I'm going to keep posting, and I'm going to keep using my heart and my mind.

But I did start this site with a very important theme: fun... and I'm sorry I've gotten away from that. Part of Tranquility is (literally) supposed to be about relaxation, letting your mind go, leaving all your problems at the door... I haven't done a very good job of that.

I will get back to the fun, update the radio, and post about happier stuff soon. Just bear with me a little bit...But at the same time, I will not lose my principles, I will not compromise my integrity, I will not sit idly by and watch the horrible things that happen without saying anything, and I will not shut up.

With that note, today is Martin Luther King Jr. day... I don't want to get into a sappy thing with him or tell you that his incredible message somehow relates to mine (it does, but I would never put myself in the same league as MLK), but I will say that he was one-in-a-million, had a beauty inside of him that few of us will ever see, and did something I can't respect enough: he made a difference.

So, I ask you to bow your head and silently pay respect to an individual that changed all of our lives for the better.

In the meantime... I will continue to post exactly how I feel and what I think, politically, socially, and religiously, personally motivated or not.

And I'll try to lighten up ;)