> The Wrath of Gad

Holy Crap...

We've gotten enough snow here to choke a cow in the summertime...

Let that joke sink in for a minute.

Aaaanyway, we have gotten a lot of snow here. A whole hell of a lot... I think it's actually snowed more days over the last few weeks than not. You know it's bad when the national news isn't reporting it as weather, but as actual news. Believe me, they are not kidding - we got slammed. Over the last few days, it's been a constant flow of snow - not pretty flakes sinking blissfully to to earth, but continuous horizontal and even upward flowing snow, which tends to turn it into little tiny ice daggers that stab your eyes and make walking a block to the store a difficult proposition at best.

Not that snow is anything really new to me - Midwest blizzard of '81, my people were there *kisses fingers, makes a peace sign*. Actually, I was six years old and back then the snow was completely above my head - I remember digging a canyon to get to the neighbor's house. We also built the coolest snow-fort evar - one of the awesome things about it was the fact that it was completely stacked with snowballs, to protect against invaders- I think it was girls, or Russian Communists, at the time.

I also remember being so sad when the sun came out. We had about two really good days to mess with that crazy amount of snow. Then Ra shone his magnificent face down upon us, the weather changed, and our fun was over. In less than 24 hours, almost all the snow was gone and our snow fort melted. I still have an image in my head of all my neighbors using brooms and shovels to get all the crap off the streets and driveways, the sun beginning to set and reflecting blindly off the wet streets. It was beautiful, and one of the most depressing days of my life.

Remember those pics I posted before about the snowstorm? That was small change, a mere taste of what was coming. Like my childhood, all that snow was gone in just about one day. I didn't feel nearly the same amount of heartbreak... But it was amazing, watching tons of snow there in the morning and gone by the night. Anyway, all that snow is gone, we had about a day or two of clear weather... and now we're drenched.

Agh... oh well... I took some pics tonight of my backyard (wow, exciting material, eh?). I think they're actually kinda interesting. I'll post them tomorrow...

Aaaand... I'll have more snow stories (yay! nothing is more exciting than SNOW!).

I promised I would stay off politics... and I will, at least for another week or so... but man I am restraining myself, really really hard... I can't wait to start talking about it again, I feel like I'm going to explode.

But I'll stay off the politics. Let's get into music news... Green Day's album American Idiot made double platinum...

Ugh, can't do it. Everything seems to relate to it.

Tell you what, listen to Air America in the meantime, which is of course a Liberal, America-hating, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart, terrorist-loving, money-wasting, and generally all the things Neocons like to label on reasonable people, radio station. But hey, if you stop thinking about your SUV, you might learn something.. I'm sorry, that's insulting. Many reasonable people drive SUVs. I think.

Oh, and I HAVE to give props to the Chicago Tribune for their commentary on the Inauguration - "Bush's promises? Oh, never mind".

That's one of the reasons why I love living in Chicago.

By the way, check out Stevie Wonder's old song - "You Haven't Done Nothing". It's so damn true.

More on snow tomorrow.