> Stay Gold

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! Mine could of been better, ah well... But last weekend was killer...

I had the very good fortune of going to see Deep Dish, one (er, two - they're a team) of my favorite DJ's like, evar, last Friday night. I hadn't been to a club in quite some time, and well... if you're gonna get back into it, do it right, eh? I really can't take any credit for the choice though, all of that goes to my friend Sheyanne.

She almost had to drag me there, I was still kind of stuck in my shell. I went though, biting back a resigned breath (oh... alright). Had I known how much fun it was going to be, you'd have had to build a four-feet-thick concrete wall around me to stop me (I would have chewed through at least 3 feet).

In the past, one of my favorite shows was seeing Deep Dish (Dubfire only) at Mad Bar in Chicago years ago (Mad bar's gone now, unfortunately). Really great night in a small club, I'm one of the lucky people who actually knew who they were back then and got to see them before their popularity skyrocketed (which more or less happened with the Global Underground Moscow release). I got to talk to Dubfire a little bit after the show, very cool guy, and he was nice enough to autograph my Renaissance Ibiza cover (complete with their trademark "Stay Gold" comment... *sighs happily*).

This show was at a club I'd never been to before but heard a lot about, Sound-Bar. I'd heard it is a great place with a really good sound system... But nothing could have prepared me for what awaited me. I've seen some great DJ performances (John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, and pre-Y2K Chicago raves [before they were made illegal by idiot politicians] come to mind), and that definitely ranked among the best.

The club is astoundingly gorgeous, every lovingly detail crafted with an impeccable sense of style. The sound system is, well, orgasmic. Apparently they really do have the best sound system in Chicago. You could feel your organs floating and the very air vibrating from the wall of sound, yet it didn't hurt your ears one bit. And Deep Dish simply tore the place apart - an incredible set.

One thing that is of course a great gauge of a performance is the reaction from the crowd. Every last person there had a huge smile on their face, like they wouldn't possibly want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment. One of the employees remarked that it was the best crowds he'd ever seen in that club.

Apparently Deep Dish now has residency at Sound-Bar, which means they'll be back every other month. I'll definitely be there in two months, and I invite all of you to do the same. If the next show is anything like that one was, you're in for a hell of an experience.

Not sure how much more clubbing I'll do from here on out, cause it's pretty rough on the pocketbook and, well, it'd be hard to top that. Okay, maybe a little...

Thank you so much Chey, I really needed that! :)

On a personal note, Congrats to JJ and Christina on your matrimonial union, I wish you both the very best of luck and many happy years together!