> Comics Pt. 2

As you probably have noticed by now, I put up a new banner, replacing the all black one I had up for Hunter for the last few months (sorry about the long time without updating). I did it by messing around with Photoshop after reading the tutorials at Art of Greg Martin. Greg's work is phenomenal, and I've always wanted to do space landscapes. His tutorials are a great way to get started.

I named it Red Starfield (creative, eh?) and put up a large version of it in a new Backgrounds section of the Gallery. Here's one more linked word just for good measure. Feel free to use the background, but don't abuse it.

Wanna see something really weird? Click here and stare at the cross in the middle. Is that trippy or what? I love that splash of green you get when you snap out of it.

Anyway, you might remember a while ago when I wrote a little bit about comics. I've been meaning to get around to writing some more about them, specifically web comics.

Web comics are great. The internet is an incredible medium for comics, allowing for possibilities that would never be possible in conventional print. The infinite canvas of web pages allows for new creative possibilities. The widespread and cost effective nature of the internet allows for many artists and writers to bring their work to a massive audience easily. One drawback however is that not everyone wants to sit in front of their computer to read comics. This should be remedied as our computers become more integrated into more portable and comfortable devices (cellphones, pdas, mp3 players, entertainment systems, etc.).

This year's nominees for the Web Cartoonists Choice Awards were announced a few days ago. A few of my favorites were nominated, such as Penny Arcade, VG Cats, and The Perry Bible Fellowship (though Sinfest wasn't on there this year).

A couple that I liked and hadn't gotten around to reading before are Wapsi Square and Questionable Content. Both are similar in that I would call them "relationship" comics - focusing on the interaction between the characters in their day to day life (like the print comic Strangers in Paradise). Each does a great job of crafting the cast of characters and stories with humor and drama. Wapsi Square is a little different in that supernatural elements creep into the story now and then. I really like the art style of Questionable Content, some great use of color and layout.

I also really liked A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible (gotta love the title). Really cool art (sort of looks like woodcuts) combined with a very twisted sense of humor.

Those are just a few that I recommend, check out some of the other nominees, there is some fanastic work in there.