> The Past Pt. 1

I love the past...,

For some reason, the past fascinates me. My own past fascinates me, I love thinking about old times and looking at old sentimental stuff. For example, my hat - its a grey fishing hat that I got from Key West years ago... I love the thing, I wear it almost everyday. It's just an old ratty piece of cloth, but to me it has so many memories in it... My hat is currently missing but has been spotted and is apparently up for ransom by unknown parties (*cough* Ball you little... *cough*)... Anyway, I love thinking about my own past - my childhood, highschool, college... all that.

I also love "general" past stuff - history, old TV and radio broadcasts, Bugs Bunny cartoons, old ads and magazines. It amazes me to no end to hold an artifact from the past and imagine what it's been through, who it's encountered, the way the world was SO different at the time, how different the world is now, to imagine that this thing is way older than me and has been through so much that I'll never know.

The past is an eternal mystery, a place that is gone and can never be recovered, yet did exist and still exists through evidence, if not through memory. That always blows me away, thinking about it... All this crap happened, and I wasn't even existing... no one was, and if they were, their old now, or dead.. Makes me think what is reality, existence, and memory... Are humans' personalities defined by memory only or is it more than that? Does the past define the great thinkers or would they have been a genius in any time? How many geniuses didn't become famous and thus the world was worse for it?

These questions drive me crazy... Yet, I love to search for the answers. I love the past.

On that note, I'd like to show you Old Time Radio, a site that collects and offers (for FREE!) thousands of old radio shows. I can't thank that site enough - beautiful recordings of old stuff for free - they rule.

My favorites so far:

War of the Worlds (I had this on tape when I was a kid, as well as a small picture-book) Totally classic and totally relevant to today (maybe I'll get 100th something ranking on Google by including "War of the Worlds" that).

And one that I had never heard of before, The Adventures of Maise - her voice is cool, and I love the "female-empowerment-written-by-male- writers" quality it has. She offends the opposite sex's conventions while staying clearly within the bounds of good taste. Sheesh. What I especially love is in the opening dialogue, Maise slamming a "wolf caller" - beautiful. Reminds me of Pam Grier. And doesn't that one guy sound just like Stimpy (especially in Episode 2)? I also love the way the music changes when they say her name - "starring Anne Southern" followed immediately with the most tawdry trombone ever... Porn before the 70's, flapper-music. Wah-waaah-wa-wa-waaah... waaah-waaaaaaaaaaah... Awesome.

"Cavendish" - God I love that name. Makes me think of the salesman on the Simpsons, "Yeeeeesssssss?" Where did that come from anyway?

Anyway, I love the past - to think, all that happened, affecting our lives directly or inadvertently, to think that all that happened, in this very place..., I love it.

A big, late, congratulations to my friend Jesus. Yes, you read right, I have a friend in Jesus, and I couldn't be more proud of him. He just graduated from a great art school in Chicago, and is the first in his family to graduate from college. Congrats man, you rock.

By the way, I've been working on a little project of sorts involving memory, it should be done and on the site soon...