> Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I've always liked dark scary stuff - add candy and an excuse to stay up all night and you have my favorite holiday.

I've had some pretty interesting costumes over the years. The earliest I think I can remember is being a cat. The next year my mom added a silver cape and I was Supercat! I've also been a skeleton (I swear I can still smell the rubber from that mask), Dracula, a guy who slipped in the shower and died from severe head trauma, an old guy that came off looking like a flasher, Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac (a comic book character), and a phantom. I've been a phantom the last few years and I think I'm gonna do that again this year too. Basically it consists of dressing up entirely in black from head to toe, a big hooded white cape, and usually a pair of green glow sticks. It's pretty creepy, I look like a floating white cape. I've had people hesitantly come closer and closer to me until the could see my eyes and tell me how freaky I look. If I get a chance I'll take a pic of it if I wear it this year.

By the way, the banner pic is a screenshot of World of Warcraft, it's sort of Halloween in the game too. On the right is my character, Miura. She's a badass.

On another note, congrats to Javier and Michelle on getting hitched, I wish ya the best of luck. I had the honor of being in the wedding, I'll post a pic or two when I get my hands on 'em.

Have a great and safe holiday everyone.... Muhahahahahahaaaaaaa....