> Ziba

Hi all,

At long last, I've finally given my "company" some cohesion and signed up some awesome people to be a part of it.

I've been wanting to do this for a loooooong time, finally the rest of the world has begun to catch up.

As you can see by the article title, we've tenatively named the thing "Ziba".

We figured that we should put at least a piece of ourselves out there, so we did a photo...

On the left is Ball, and on the right is Monster. I'm in the middle.

There's many more people behind the scenes on this project that aren't in the photo, but they were far too ugly to include (jk!). Seriously tho, we wouldn't have even gotten this far without them.

We've felt a lot of resistance to starting our own thing. "It will never work", "You need a real job" and my favorite, "That will never work in the real world."

We're sick of that. We are tired of the naysayers telling us it will never work.. We're tired of standing in line and waiting our turn. Most of all tho, we're sick of working for someone else and letting them take home all the money. Enough is enough. Screw corps, screw the government, we're not gonna wait in line anymore, and we're gonna yell like hell when something pisses us off.

We plan on doing some really great stuff in graphic design, art, video game design, and maybe even a little music.

We're just starting this group out and it will take some time to get focused, so bear with us. I'm very happy that this is finally coming together, I've spent years thinking and working on this, and its finally coming true.

I plan on continuing my own thing on Tranquility, and will start a new site soon to accommodate this new venture.

Wish us luck and success!

P.S. I know I said my next post will be about podcasts and such, and I'm still working on it... stay tuned!