> R.I.P. Croc Hunter

Steve Irwin is dead... I heard that on the phone from a friend over the weekend.

I of course said, "WHAT?!? Are you serious?" Unfortunately he was.

Steve Irwin was an icon. He was more, bigger, than himself, affecting countless numbers of people. I loved his shows, he was a showman with a very kind heart. He did dangerous things, but always to educate others. He taught that the world is filled with "beauuutifal" creatures, to be admired and respected. His sense of humor and love of animals saturated everything he did.

The dude was seemingly immortal - he tackled crocs, sharks and everything in-between, and came out the other side every time. It was a true shock to hear that he was gone.

Steve Irwin, you were a hell of a croc hunter, you will be missed.