Hey all,

Sorry for the long absence. Quite a bit has happened since the last update.

Sad: Pretty much everyone that knows me in real life know this already, but my good friend Nate died suddenly late last year. Nate was my buddy since college, we got along great and had many memorable times together. He was an awesome guy and the world is emptier without him.

As you can see, Tranquility is hosted on Natestate.com, of which Nate was the owner and webmaster. He always wanted to do something with the domain, we talked about it pretty often, but just never got around to it. Early this year, the host company of this page changed all the passwords for security reasons. The new password was sent to one of Nate's old accounts, so when it was changed, I got locked out. It took awhile to dig up the information the ISP needed to give me access again, but it's all sorted out now.

I'm not quite sure what exactly will become of Natestate as a whole, but I do plan to keep Tranquility here for the time being and doing something with the rest of the domain... just not sure what yet hehe... I just know I want to do something Nate would appreciate.

Happy: A big grats to my sister who just got married! I did a picture for her wedding, I'll post it when I get a chance... the scan I did of it doesn't look right. Her wedding was unreal... one hell of a great time! I'll toss up a few pics from it in the photo blog soon.

Hope everyone fared okay this winter and had good holidays. I'm sooo glad it's getting warmer now, can't wait for summer! Here's something sorta in the spirit of summer - filling a Jamba Juice with Spidermen. I work right by a Jamba, that stuff is addictive! And now I'm going to think of that clip everytime I see one.

One thing I'm pumped about with Summer coming up is bike riding. Nate's parents wanted me to have his bike, so I've been riding it almost everyday since it's been warm enough. I love it, it's a really nice Schwinn Frontier (in a really cool shade of red - the bike reminds me of a black cherry) that suits me great. Getting to work took about an hour on the bus - now I can get there in 20 min. hee hee.

Take care everyone, I'll post again soon!