Have a great 4th of July!

Some of you might remember me posting this fun little fireworks app 2 years ago. Click on that black square above (or download the whole thing here) to make your own fireworks. Update: I originally got this from EHOWA, and this year he has a nice enhanced version up (thanx Ernie!). Reminds me of playing Missile Command.

In honor of the holiday, here's a collection of stuff blowing up! Enjoy!

Police Dispose of Illegal Fireworks I just about fell outta my chair laughing at this.

Firework Factory Accident A well known, older video... still crazy.

Firework Factory Accident (Enschede Netherlands) Why on earth did they have a fireworks factory in the middle of a town like that?

Depth Charge Detonation

Rocket Explosion The (thankfully) unmanned rocket that blew up at Cape Canaveral in 1997.

Fuel Storage Explosions The power of these is simply staggering.

And finally, The Ultimate Explosion The single biggest bomb ever created by mankind.

Remember kids, don't be like those videos - have a SAFE holiday!