> Hillary is Gone!

Edit: I wrote this a few months ago when I was pretty pissed off at Hillary... She did run a dirty campaign, and I haven't forgotten that, but I do respect her for supporting Obama after stopping her campaign, even if it was just to save her own credibility. Besides, she was an amateur - the crap McCain/Palin are pulling now is making the worst things she did look tame.

I don't talk about political stuff TOO much here (well okay maybe I do), but I have to get this out...

Hillary has officially lost (it was 'official' two months ago) the Democratic Nomination to Obama. After months of a dirty, dirty campaign that consisted of basically smearing Obama and insulting every American, she has finally given it up and now wants to be his running mate.

I liked Bill Clinton back in the day, he was awesome, and got a HELL of a lot of shit done while he was in office. Passed more bills than any president, ever, brought our deficit almost down to zero, and actually fought terrorism LEGALLY (remember the guy tried to bombed the WTC in 1992? ya he's still in jail). This of course transferred over to the worst disaster of a political system this country has ever seen.

So when Hillary started running, I gave her the benefit of the doubt... I thought maybe she'd carry SOME of the feelings from that era with her... But she disappointed all of us, proving to be not at all removed from the crap the Bushies have been doing for years - lying, cheating, and doing whatever it takes to get your way. Keith Olbermann sums up her campaign pretty well in his commentary about Hillary's RFK comments (the epitome of her horrid campaign). During all this, Bill has apparently become a complete douche (admiring and then meeting, of all friggin people, Karl Rove, McCain's 'unofficial' liaison).

Don't start thinking that I'm a 'woman-hater' (typical response from Hillary supporters). On the contrary, I would LOVE a woman to be president, or a black man, or an Indian woman, or an Asian monk, or a Hebrew rock-star, or a Martian transvestite... I DON'T CARE! Any reasonable person, in this day and age, should be happy to have the best candidate in office, regardless of what sex/race/religion they are.

It absolutely cracks me up when I hear people say shit like 'I'm not voting for Obama cause he's a Muslim". 1) No he isn't, he's a Christian (not that it matters) stop watching FOX 'news' 2) Who the hell cares what religion he is, this county is supposed to be founded on the freedom of religion and other expression 3) Would you just stop watching FOX News already? It's bad for your health. What surprises me is that reasonably intelligent and sane people can make this assertion, confident in their assumption, despite all readily available facts.

Then there's the ones that won't vote for him because he's black. Congratulations, you are about one-century behind the rest of civilization. Perhaps it will be a small comfort that your children and grandchildren will recollect some fond memories of the good times you spent together - between their fits of laughter and being utterly ashamed to be related to you.

Ron Paul and Barack Obama represent a new movement that is gaining tremendous steam - people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The reckless policies have worn everyone down (unless yer filthy rich, then you might have a couple disagreements with me) to the point that we just want someone with a friggin brain in their head somewhere up there.

Thankfully, we have the intertubes to help filter thru this bullshit - something the Neocons never really counted on and has them very (rightfully) worried. Back-room deals and secret meetings just don't have the air of confidentiality they once had, do they?

The last election was close, but was ultimately stolen (make no mistake - it was). Hopefully this time around the Neocons bullshit machine will not have the same effect.

This election, make sure you know who you are voting for - educate yourself, find out about the candidates, stop listening to rhetoric.


P.S. Normally I'd try and include more links to the stuff I talked about, but I'm too tired right now, I'll try and update the links soon (in the meantime, Google is your friend).