It's October! While this isn't my favorite time of the year - I just hate seeing summer go - I do loooooove Halloween!

I'm gonna try and put up some frequent updates this month leading up to Halloween. You may also notice new banner art - I've put together a series of 5 details of a painting I did a few years back, I think it fits the mood. I'll put up a new one each monday in October, and post a picture of the full version to the gallery on the 31st.

Tranquility Halloween 2008

Shining Examples (10/2)
Best Halloween Decoration Evar (10/3)
Ghosts: Real Ghosts (10/4)
Brraaaaaiiins! (10/5)
Ghosts: Unsolved Mysteries (10/6)
More Shining Examples (10/7)
WWJDIHP? (10/8)
Aria 51 (10/9)
Bark at the Moon (10/10)
For No Mere Mortal Can Resist... (10/11)
Ghosts: Tunnels (10/12)
Ghosts: More Unsolved Mysteries (10/13)
Ghosts: American Places (10/14)
J-Horror (10/15)
Show Her Your D Face (10/16)
Ghosts: More Real Ghosts (10/17)
More Braaaaaiiins!!! (10/18)
Ghosts: More American Places (10/19)
Ghosts: Even More Unsolved Mysteries (10/20)
The Great Pumpkin is Here! (10/31)