One of the great things about Halloween is the decorations. From the old nostalgic paper skeletons to the full-blown home-converted-to-haunted-house, I love em all. I remember during high school I used to help my friend Bryan decorate his and his sister's houses. Bryan was nuts: he'd start putting stuff together in the spring - coffins, clothes stuffed with newspaper to make bodies, fake blood everywhere... It was great!

I wish we would have had this back in the day... Hallowindow is one of the coolest Halloween decorations I've ever seen. It seems so simple and effective, I can't believe more people haven't thought of this already. I suppose today's technology contributes a bit, as an image cast from an old projector, without CGI, might not look as good... or maybe it would be scarier? In any case, I think what really makes these work so well is the use of perspective and the image field - I especially like how the dripping blood turns into a curtain - brilliant!

Here's last year's demo of Hallowindow:

This year's new animations: