> Ghosts: Real Ghosts

No, not the recent Nine Inch Nails album (though that's good stuff too!). No, I'm talking about real ghosts - stuff that goes bump in the night.

I don't know if I believe in ghosts or not. They seem like something that belongs solely in children's stories or fairy tales. Yet, there is a vast amount of unexplainable evidence to the contrary. I've always been fascinated with death and the afterlife, where we go (if anywhere) when we die. Is it possible that our spirits sometimes hang around afterwards? Or could this be simply a sort of stored energy pattern - like the burned-in image on an old monitor. Or is there really a scientific, logical, non-spirit explanation for all of this?

We may never really know the answers to these questions - until it's our turn to find out for ourselves, that is.

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do on the internet is look up ghost videos and just freaking myself out. Here's a couple of my favorites...

Ghosts Make Contact

Orbs are a fairly common occurrence in ghost sightings. Small orbs of light that are often at first disregarded to be tricks of the light or dust on the lens sometimes do tricky things - move on their own, stay in place while the camera moves, or whose very presence cannot be explained. This video has orbs that seem to respond to the cameramen...

Smith Building Ghost

This is a fairly famous video: it was taken by building renovators that, having seen several strange occurrences, wanted to prove to the building's owner that it was haunted. Like many ghost videos, the quality isn't great. It's a bit difficult to tell, but there seems to be little girl standing in the corner. By the way, if you've never heard a grown man scream like a turkey, now's your chance.

The Barnsley Poltergeist

At first this video seems to be a pretty standard poltergeist vid, with stuff moving around by itself...

However, look closely at the mirror between 0:10-0:17. See the little boy? And then he's gone by 0:20... Freaky!

Another video from the same house: