I grew up watching Unsolved Mysteries, starting in grade school. It stayed on the air all the way until I was in college. Unsolved Mysteries dealt with, well, exactly as the title sounds, unsolved mysteries, such as historical puzzles, crime cases, ufos, ghosts, etc. It was an amazing program; although it was sometimes very far-fetched and overly dramatic, it almost always was entertaining. Robert Stack was simply awesome, he really defined that show and cemented it in popular culture.

Some of my favorite episodes were the ghost ones. I remember seeing one about a ghost that terrorized a family - it scared the hell out of me as a kid. I've been trying to dig it up online but no luck yet... maybe I'll have to give in and get them all on DVD. Anyway, I have found some other great Unsolved Mystery ghost episodes online.

Resurrection Mary

This one's really cool to me, as I've lived in Chicago for about 14 years. I remember hearing a couple stories about this when I was in college (and a few late-night 'hey we should totally drive out there..' moments that thankfully were diverted).

Unsolved Mysteries - Resurrection Mary

The Gray Man

I remember seeing this episode when it was first aired, and my mom saying how the legend of The Gray Man is really famous, she could remember hearing stories about it when she was going to a Southern college.

Unsolved Mysteries - Friendly Ghost

General Wayne Inn Ghost

I remember seeing this one when it originally aired too. The building apparently has since been converted into a synagogue... wonder how that's working out for them.

Unsolved Mysteries - General Wayne Inn Ghost

**Video was removed by YouTube, but you can see still see it (non-embeddable) HERE**

After Death Visits

This episode focuses on visits from dead loved ones.

Unsolved Mysteries - After Death Visits

**Video was removed by YouTube, but you can see still see it (non-embeddable) HERE**