More lovin' for The Shining! Unlike part one, these clips are more inspired by the movie, rather than from the movie. The first two clips might be NSFW.

Ballroom Music

A lot of the music in The Shining is very high tension orchestra, while some of it is this great, nostalgic, 30's ballroom music. Like many horror (and other genres) films, the normally benign music takes on a new sinister context when presented by the movie.

The Shining and The Kill

Some of you may have seen the video for The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. While the official video is pretty good, I prefer this one that mixes the movie with the video, made by a fan.


This one is absolutely safe for work, family, etc... It's been a recent trend on the internet for the last few years to remake trailers for movies - often presenting them in a far different tone than the movie itself. Here's a great one called Shining - a feelgood story about a kid looking for a dad.

The Shin'in

One of my favorite Simpsons episodes, Treehouse of Horror V.