Halloween is all about scary stuff.. and what could be more scary than some Jack Chick comics?!

Chick Publications produces small religious comics to pass out to people. These comics are simply some of the most demented things you will ever read. Some of you may be religious, and I can respect that (grew up Catholic myself), but I know quite a few religious people that think Jack Chick is as insane as I do (btw, what is it with nutjobs named Jack). I really can't figure out if Jack Chick is a marketing genius or crazier than a snake's armpit. Either way, reading his comics are both terrifying and incredibly amusing.

Now, as you can see from their new Halloween ad, they are encouraging people to pass out their comics to trick-or-treaters this holiday:

I don't know about your neighborhood, but when I was growing up, any house that passed out small pamphlets, or pennies, or apples, or anything other than candy usually got t.p.'d for the rest of the year. Furthermore, while I really worry about some adults reading these - if taken seriously, they could really screw up someone's head - the thought of children reading these scares the crap outta me.

Anyway, Jack Chick seems to have a special place in the cockles of his deranged heart for Halloween. Here's five of his comics to start getting you in the mood for Devil's Nite! (click for full version)


First Bite

The Devil's Nite

The Trick

Happy Halloween