The evil of... The Thriller!

I wonder how many of you were able to complete sentence just from reading the post title? Halloween isn't complete without Michael Jackson's Thriller!

When I was a kid the video for Thriller was simply epic. Almost 14 minutes long, it was like a short movie with zombies and werewolves with music starring Michael Jackson. May not sound like a big deal these days but back then it was the best thing evar. I must have watched that video, and the making of the video, a million times. Everyone's families loved it, girls loved the dancing and guys loved the scary stuff. Besides that, back then everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loved Michael Jackson, he was like a god. These days... well let's not get into that.

I'd love to provide an embedded version of it, but there seems to be this weird no-embedding policy on all of the actual videos by Michael Jackson, so you'll have to click here:

Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982)

Posted by the man himself no less!

The part where Michael looks up and has the yellow eyes and fangs (2:24)... man. To this day it freaks me out a little bit. When I was young, that part terrified me. I would think about that part in the dark, afraid that I was going to tap someone on the shoulder and have them spin around, screaming, 'Go away!' /shudder

I think Thriller helped open up the horror genre to a lot of new people. I can remember watching The Making of Thriller and seeing Michael talking with John Landis about how Landis' American Werewolf in London (awesome movie, possibly a post about it later) was a big reason Michael chose John to direct Thriller (3:32 of part one). You can check out The Making of Thriller here (also embedding disabled, dammit):

The Making of Thriller (1983)

Note: Unfortunately, the jump-links I had posted were taken down for copyright... So I guess I'll just have to use this embeddable version! Thanks copyright lawyers, wouldn't have been able to embed this without ya!

This is part one, click through the links, I'll get a playlist up soon

Aaahh, fond memories. That's still a really entertaining, fascinating documentary.

Fortunately, there's not an embedding policy on videos that have to do with Thriller, so here we go!

Thriller Rehearsal

M.J. rehearsing before concert.

Thriller - CPDRC

Some of you may remeber when I linked this last New Year as one of the best videos of 2007. An internet classic.

Beastie Boys vs. Michael Jackson - Root Down + Thriller

Really nice mix! I think it gets a just a little too chaotic in one or two parts, but overall it's really well-done. The zombies dancing with the music is hilarious.

The Chick from Alias Doing Thriller

This is apparently from the movie 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner (rawr). I've never watched the whole movie, but I thought this scene was pretty amusing.

Indian Thriller

This is another internet classic, it's supposed to be originally from an Indian movie called Donga. Man this is weird.

80's Dances: How To Do the Thriller

I saved the best for last. In fact, this very well may be the greatest thing ever uploaded onto the internet. Dancin' Kim is AWESOME.

Zombie claws! Oooooooo! So rad.

Update: RIP MJ