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As promised, more 'real' ghost videos!

Today I want to go over one of my favorites, the Moonville Tunnel in Ohio. The tunnel has been rumored for years to be haunted by several ghosts, as apparently it has been the site of numerous accidents and even a couple murders. Check out this page from Grave Addiction (as well as links from the wikipedia article) for some good information and pictures about the tunnel and it's otherworldly inhabitants.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite ghost stories because in large part to the videos YouTube user PHDColumbus put up of his various photographic trips to the tunnel, especially the second one. Check em out:

Real Ghost Pictures

His first trip out there.

Haunted Moonville Tunnel 2

This is one that really gets me. Turns out the most interesting stuff is not in the tunnel, but above it. It's like... it's snowing!

Haunted Moonvile Tunnel 3

More crazy pictures.

Pretty freaky, eh? One more Moonvile video, by a different user.


A little over-dramatic, but a good video.

Another famous haunted tunnel is the Blue Ghost Tunnel. It supposedly was built on top of unmoved graves and was the scene of many accidents, including the death of a boy. Legend has it that you can still hear him crying in the tunnel. You can find lots more info on this page from Hamilton Paranormal.

The Shadows Project - Blue Ghost Tunnel Documentary

Wow... a lot of people died making that thing.

Blue Ghost Tunnel Video

I'm not sure, but I think that parts of this might be some of the found video mentioned in the first video (obviously edited and mixed with other footage and sound). Or maybe it's just an artistic homage. Either way this is creepy.

Shadows of Niagara - Real Ghosts at the Blue Ghost Tunnel

Short investigative video. Also creepy.

More ghost videos soon...