Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes,
They don't tell the truth.
Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies,
And I got proof.

- The Temptations

Yesterday I talked a bit about the movie The Grudge. Here's a freaky little homage to it...

Grudge Girl

It's pretty amazing what people can do with computers at home now. It's become a sort of trend to try one's hand at making a 'demon face' - a video of a normal-looking person that morphs into a demon when they scream - and post it onto the internet for others to critique. Here's a couple of the cooler ones I've seen.

Annie's Demon Face

Demon Face Warp

Funny Face

Katie's Scary Face

Demon Face Beta

Demon First Attempt

***Video made private.. That sucks too, I really liked that one.***

And lastly, this isn't a 'demon face' per say. In fact, I... I don't know what the hell this is. Looks familiar though, I know I've seen that thing somewhere...

Messed Up