***Unfortunately, all of the videos I had linked here have been removed, except for the Robert Stack tribute. Doing a Google video search might turn them up.***

One last round of Unsolved Mysteries ghost episodes!

Lake Wales Haunting

This is a good Halloween episode. I love what Robert Stack says at 2:07, makes me laugh every time.

***Removed by YouTube***

Moss Beach Ghost

The legend of the mysterious Blue Lady in Moss Beach, California.

***Removed by YouTube***

Always, Karen

A cancer victim communicates with her family after her death.

***Removed by YouTube***

The Gettysburg Ghost

Ghosts on the Gettyburg battlefield add a new dimension of realism for some Civil War reenactors.

***Removed by YouTube***

Ghost Writer

A sweet, sappy story about a husband's birthday message to his wife from beyond the grave.

***Removed by YouTube***

Ghostly Attraction

A strange story about the connection between a woman's dreams, an old Victorian house, and a murdered man.

***Removed by YouTube***

Gordy's Ghost

Call me paranoid, but I'd be nervous of Mr. Gordy or one of the other ghosts teaching Heidi how to do something like start fires with her mind.

***Removed by YouTube***

Finally, as a final tribute to the man who helped make Unsolved Mysteries so awesome, we have a nice collection of clips featuring...

Robert Stack Being a Pimp

Damn, he had some MAD skillz!