The U.S. Presidential election is just two days away! I'm sure you can tell by the banner who I am supporting...

The Obama image I used is by amazing comic book artist Alex Ross, hopefully he won't mind me borrowing it out of admiration. You can purchase a t-shirt of this awesome picture at his website. I really wanted to make my own Obama picture (there's been so many cool designs!), but unfortunately haven't had the time.

If you are registered, please don't forget to vote!

That is, if you haven't already - a lot of people voted early this year (including me). In Chicago we have been able to vote early by mail or in person since October 3rd, almost better than having a voting holiday (which we really should have). I really appreciate the efforts made this year to help make voting easier (hopefully resulting in a high turnout).

To check your voting registration status and find local election information, visit:

Both of those sites can provide good information to help you. Also, be sure to be an informed voter. For links to the two major party candidates check Candidates - U.S. Elections (via I also highly recommend NPR's great 2008 Election coverage.

Finally, for up-to-date, accurate (they have a great track record) election predictions, visit - 'Electoral Projections Done Right'.

Get out and let your voice be heard!

*** There used to be a really funny video here of cgi-effect Obama and McCain's dancing, but it got taken down, I imagine because it had music in it. Really pathetic. ***