> Barack My World!

Barack Obama is going to be the next President of the United States! I'm so friggin excited I could just explode!

The above image is by Jude Buffum, via The Obama Art Report. It's so geeky, I just love it!

According to fivethirtyeight.com, the final count in the popular vote looks to be about 52.4% Obama, 46.3% McCain. Their pre-election estimate was 52.3 - 46.2. Damn they're good!

What more to say? For years (almost 8 to be exact) we have watched helplessly as Bush trampled the Constitution and invaded Iraq, for months we saw a new hope become possible, for weeks we have watched the ugliness ensue ("He's an African-American, a negro! A Socialist that's going to take all our money! Possibly Muslim, possibly a terrorist, possibly pallying around with terrorists!"), for days we have seen it go down to the wire, nervous that this will all be a pipe-dream and false hope, there's no way a man filled with such moxy and character could ever make it to the White House... Nothing compared to the agonizing wait on voting day (not because of voting machines, I'd already voted a couple weeks earlier). I became so nervous and worried in those final hours.

Yet, Americans were able to see through the crap, the lies, the propaganda and vote with their conscience, rather than talking points and emotional footballs.

For the first time in history, an non-white is the American president. That's friggin HUGE. I couldn't possibly be happier.

I was in a bar in Northside Chicago when the news hit. Someone in the back said, 'Holy shit, Obama won!' and everyone stopped and looked at the TV. He had 344 electoral votes. Suddenly, they knocked it back down to 297. Everyone was confused for a moment until someone yelled, 'Yeah, but he still has enough... Obama's won!' and the whole place erupted into cheers. The sense of joy and relief was immense.

I want to thank everyone who made this victory possible. Obama, for providing such a worthy cause and candidate to support. Obama campaigners and volunteers for helping spread the word. The American people, for voting for the clearly more qualified candidate. McCain for running such a horrible campaign and picking Sarah Palin as your VP - we couldn't have done it so easily without her!

I'm sorry if that comes off as cavalier, but after seeing such sickening amateur theater paraded as actual politics, I became pretty cynical of anything the Republicans had to offer. I do admit, McCain's concession speech was very, very good - reminded me of the McCain from years ago. However, after eight years of dealing with Bush, I think Democrats are entitled to some celebration and snarkiness.

I am immensely proud of Americans for getting out there and voting, with their conscience, in huge numbers. There were some allegations of vote fraud (Obama votes magically turning into McCains's), but none of these scams were enough to steal the election (again).

Last night was an incredible night for everyone. It was amazing seeing the Obama and voting support on the internet (especially Twitter) in the early morning, from such a wide range of caring people. It really was a sight that I'll remember for the rest of my life...

Hopefully now we can start healing the animosity that has divided America during this election, and start moving forward together into a bright new future.