New design and new name! I've changed Tranquility to and redesigned the entire site!

I started Tranquility originally in 2001, and moved it to a few years ago into it's own section. I'd decided the site was long overdue for a redesign, retiring the old name and adopting my online alias. A few of other the changes I made to the site:

  • Redesigned everything (except for a few old posts I need to get to) using CSS instead of tables
  • Created completely new site graphics
  • Redesigned and (hopefully) improved the code, everything should run much better now
  • Edited the database streamline it and allow for future improvements
  • Reorganized site structure and navigation
  • Added easy bookmarking and sharing using AddThis

There's a lot of things still I want to do such as refine the code, add a tagging & search system, comments for visitors, and a million other things. Several sections really need to be updated and expanded. Another thing I need to work on is I'm apparently not using classes and ids properly which is a big problem with validation, but fortunately everything seems to render well enough for now. Things especially act a little quirky in IE, hopefully I can iron out the bugs as I improve things.

For a last look at the old design, click here.

All in all though, I'm pretty damn happy with the results. Thanks for visiting, please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or feedback!