> Antarctica Is Purty

When I redesigned the site, I used quite a few transparent .pngs for the graphics. I knew older versions of IE didn't render these (puts a white background on them) but I figured I could get away with it. What I didn't realize was that the current, updated version of Safari doesn't either. Sheesh Safari, get your act together. I have a special hatred for that browser because I use iTunes, and for awhile it was asking me at the worst times if I wanted to update to the new version of Safari (with the box already checked to yes), which I didn't even have installed! It would actually minimize running programs to ask me that. Ugh.

Anyway, I changed the images, should read correctly on all browsers. Be sure to hit reload to make sure you are seeing the correct ones.

Check out this amazing time-lapse video of Antarctica, sooo beautiful!

Parts of that look a lot like Chicago right now...