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Okay... I might have been wrong about the PNGs and Safari. I thought it was the PNGs that weren't reading correctly (a couple Safari users reported graphics problems). However, it seems the problem is actually that Safari seems to be darkening some of the graphics, giving them a darker background than they should and thus putting a dark square around them. Very aggravating. At first I thought that I had messed up the color values in CSS or something, but seeing it rendered two different ways, from the same browser, from different operating systems, makes me think that the problem isn't with me - it's solely on Safari. Unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed yet.

Ah well. If anyone knows if I can use a hack or something to get around this, or if I'm really the one doing something wrong here, please let me know.

Today's Lesson: Maths

I can't believe I had never seen, until recently, the British TV show Look Around You. I love insane, absurd parodies, and it certainly delivers that.

P.S. Anyone recognize the actor playing the sleeping guard at 6:55?