Usually I'm pretty snarky and angsty on Valentine's Day, but this year I don't really seem to mind it so much. Maybe because the world seems in such bad shape, I'm actually kind of glad to see people celebrating the notion of Love. In any case, Happy Valentine's Day.

The above image is from the new super-sweet Starcraft 2 wallpapers. They also have really cool Zerg and Protoss versions!

A couple of V-Day specials...

You can get Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" from Amazon for free, today only.

Left4Dead is 1/2 price on Steam this weekend! Sorta like a present from Valve to lonely gamers everywhere (or, as a lovely present to the zombie lover in your life). Several of my friends have this and say it's unbelievably fun, and anyone that reads this site or knows me in real life can see that I think zombies are awesomesauce. I think I'm gonna finally have to get it so I can go eat me some braaaaaaains.

Finally, since it's seems like the most fitting day of the year for it, I leave you with one final thought: