> Iran Protests

As I'm sure you have heard, huge protests and riots have broken out today in Tehran, Iran. Seems many people are upset by the results of the recent election, openly accusing the ruling party of tampering with the election (imagine if America had been this upset in 2004). They've taken to the streets, despite stern government warnings that dissent would be stamped out.

After writing about Tienanmen Square last week, I can't help but see the similarities. Both governments seem to be handling opposition with the same old, tired tactics: send in the brutes and try and stop information from leaving. Hours after the protests started the government cut phone lines into Tehran and blocked social media websites. Perhaps someday they'll learn that doesn't work.

The people of Tehran seem to echo the same sentiments of Tank Man - they are sick of the government's crap, sick of being pushed around, sick of being lied to, and they're not going to take it anymore. The Iranian government is quickly finding out that thirty years of oppression and intolerance builds up.

Good luck to the people of Iran sorting this out - hopefully some real good of it.

Pics and videos of the election and protests:

Revolutionary Road: Riot in Tehran streets after election day "Death to the dictator!"
The Big Picture: Iran's Presidential Election
The Big Picture: Iran's Disputed Election

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