> Texas Ranger Panda

Wow! I wrote an email to Natali Del Conte at Buzz Out Loud over the weekend, sending a link about scientists discovering a wooly mammoth bbq, referencing a running joke on the show about Natali cooking a wooly mammoth. She read it on the show today, which helped inspire the name of Buzz Out Loud #997: Texas Ranger Panda! You can see the email I wrote in the show notes.

I clipped out the part of the show where they are talking about my email, Texas ranger pandas, and HD makeup...

Click Here to hear the clip.

I was inspired to make a quick 'n dirty Texas ranger panda...

Breathtaking, isn't he?

I'm a huge fan of BOL, was thrilled to hear my email and sorta see my name in the title! Thanks for the awesome shows BOL, keep up the great work!