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Eeeesh, there was a huge storm in Chicago last night / today, knocked out power to a lot of neighborhoods, including mine. The storm knocked down a really big tree in my alley this morning, taking a bunch of power lines with it. I was without power almost the entire day. Can't help but think the viciousness of the storm could relate to the ideas in this movie...

I recently watched Home, a documentary basically about Earth, us (humanity), and the relationship between the two. It's almost entirely aerial shots (reminded me of playing SimCity or Starcraft hehe). It's been released completely for free, simultaneously in theatres, dvd, and the internet in 181 countries (setting a world's record). The makers and sponsers of the film want as many people to see this as possible.

I had heard it was pretty good, but... wow... it was incredible. Some of the best photography I have ever seen, and the movie's message comes across very well.

I agree with the film's fans and producers: everyone should see this movie. I can't embed the video anymore (copyright restrictions... will they ever learn?), but if you go to the Home YouTube channel you shouldn't have any trouble seeing it (be sure to watch in HD!). Even better, download a really good copy and watch it with your own media player; since it's intended to be free-to-view by everyone, I have no qualms about linking to Home on Pirate Bay (hopefully you know how to use torrents.. if not find a computer savvy kid, they'll hook you up). I personally downloaded my HD copy while they were offering it free on their official website, which I unfortunately don't think they are offering anymore (for whatever reason..grrr). I don't care how you watch it (go buy or rent it if you like, it should be available), just watch it.

However you can, check out this movie in the best quality possible... It's amazing. Couple of screenshots...

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