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Sheesh, MORE bad news about famous people I love and grew up on... The Beastie Boys released this video today, announcing that MCA (Adam Yauch) has throat cancer, cancelling their upcoming tour dates and postponing their new album.

Yauch Announcement

Man that sucks. I love the Beasties, I think they're simply musical geniuses. When I was in Boy Scouts, a looong time ago, my whole troop had the entire License to Ill album memorized (I still could probably recite the entire thing from beginning to end today). We did "Fight for your Right" at the talent show. Defying the predictions of many at the time that the Beasties were just a flash in the pan that would be gone soon, they evolved and developed their unique sound, becoming legends of Hip-Hop.

Fortunately it sounds like MCA is going to be okay - from what I've heard Hodgkin's disease is usually very treatable, and sounds he caught it early. Get well soon Adam!

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