With yesterday's Beastie Boys announcement, I completely neglected to post about the 40th anniversary of one of the mankind's greatest historical moments - landing on the Moon!

Lunar Landing 1969

I have to admit, the first thing I think of when I think of the Moon landing is the foul-mouthed retro-newspaper in the classic Onion article from Our Dumb Century. They summed it up quite well. WARNING: like I said, they use naughty words...

It's so weird to me to think that before I was born, people made it up to another celestial body and back. That giant, mysterious rock that hangs in the sky and shaped humanity so much... we went there, after thousands of years of staring at it. Freaky.

We really need to go back. Thankfully, it looks like that will happen soon, several plans seem to be in the works.

Now seems like a great time to recommend one of current favorite podcasts, Astronomycast. "A fact based journey through the cosmos," hosts Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay discuss a wide-range of astronomy topics, from String Theory to Volcanoes (literally two of their most recent episodes), using user-friendly language without dumbing it down. It's fascinating.

As I was saying a few days ago in the post about Walter Cronkite, I think most of modern news is garbage. What if the Moon landing happened today, with today's modern style of of coverage?

If Man Walked On The Moon Today

Sad but true, eh?

Meh, *takes a swig of a bottle and raises it*... To going back to the Moon!

*Closes helmet, zips up space-rocket-suit, gives thumbs-up, and ascends to the heavens on a pillar of flame.*