> I Am Your Child

I completely forgot to post about this when it happened two weeks ago (though I did put something on Facebook about it). Anyway, I think you'll agree that this is awesome.

It all started with this post, You cannot finish this whole video. I dare you, which pointed to this video:

I Am Your Child (original)

johnny_ozone commented, "I tried my best, but there is no auto tune powerful enough for this man," (along with a pretty good attempt). ExogenBreach then proceeded to blow everyone away with his dance remix:

I Am Your Child (Reddit Remix)

Followed soon after by the full version:

I Am Your Child (Reddit Remix Full Version)

If that wasn't awesome enough, jayssite put together this fantastic version that's more faithful to the original ("I was wondering what the heck the song was SUPPOSED to sound like"):

I Am Your Child (Vocal Mix)

That last version sounds a lot like Howard Jones - What Is Love?, right?