I remember going to Six Flags in St. Louis, when I was about 13 years old, to see Milli Vanilli. They were friggin HUGE at the time, I remember it being a sort of magical/traumatic experience... it was the epitome of 80's kids, clad in neon, cotton candy, and sweat, whipped into a frenzy. Good times.

Not so good times for Fab and Rob though, they were caught lip-syncing and Rob ended up killing himself.

Pretty tragic. Their songs still remain icons from that past time.. like em or hate em, they remain with you.

Don't Forget My Number

Girl You Know It's True

Blame It On The Rain

All credit for this post can be blamed on 1) the rain and 2) Kamilf, who reminded me of them and got Girl You Know It's True stuck in my head for three days (damn u).