Fido is a 2006 zombie horror/comedy that will touch your heart and soul. Seriously, it's the cutest zombie movie you will ever see.

Set in a 50's-era American society, the basic premise is that radiation from space has caused dead people to come back to life. After the zombie wars, mankind has found a way to domesticate the zombies with special collars that take away their desire for flesh. This leads to a quirky, twisted society where zombies perform the menial jobs for their human masters. All in all, life is pretty good. You can see the intro that describes, in propaganda film style, by clicking here (embedding not allowed - how lame).


The story focuses on Timmy and his family as they get their first zombie, which Timmy names "Fido".



Fido becomes Timmy's best friend, a welcome reprieve from the mean kids at school and his emotionally troubled father. But while Fido becomes a member of the family, trouble begins to resurface in the community (which is of course inevitable, being a zombie movie and all).


I really really liked Fido, it was a very funny and different take on the zombie genre. The actor playing the kid (K'Sun Ray - wow what a cool name) was just awesome. My favorite character though had to be the neighbor Mr. Theopolis (Tim Blake Nelson).


Just looking at that screenshot makes me giggle.


Fido creates a fascinating world, a demented mirror of our own. It brings up and tackles some rather deep issues: lonliness, happiness, tolerance, and what it means to be alive.


I happily recommend this hilarious, dark, insightful movie to comedy and horror fans alike.