Note: This section is far out of date, changes coming soon.

The files hosted on Tranquility were either made me, or public domain. If you feel any of these files are in violation of their terms of use, please contact me.


Katrina Interview (28.9 Mb Mp3) - This is the half-hour interview I did with Ryan Carney about his experience with Hurrican Katrina. It's a pretty big file so you might want to save it on your computer before playing it. Original Post.
Serenity (1.83 Mb Mp3) - This is the music used in the Katrina interview, written and performed by Ryan (the interviewee). He was kind enough to give me permission to include the full song on here. Please do not use for anything besides private use without contacting me.


Vampire Games (58.9 Kb Windows TrueType) - Font used in Tranquility's logos.

Game Files

Counter-Strike 1.5 Crosshairs (11.7 Kb Windows) - These are some crosshairs I designed for Counter-Strike a few years back. I don't know if they work with the current version, but feel free to try them (if they work, let me know).
GTA Vice City 100% Complete (51.8 Kb Windows) - This is my 100% complete Vice City game - everything is finished, and you're now king of Miam... I mean, Vice City. I also stocked the garages with some of the best cars.
GTA Vice City Paramedic Complete (29.4 Mb Windows) - Paramedic mission finised only (and in pretty good time, with only 2 people ran over hehe).
GTA3 Paramedic Done (32.6 Kb Windows) - The Paramedic mission in GTA3 is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Why? The ambulance you have to use is incredibly unstable, and you only get one. If you get out of it, the mission's done. Trying to get it repaired won't work. First you have to pick up one person, then two, and so on (the ambulance only holds 3 at a time) for 12 LEVELS! Thats a total of 78 people that you have to pick up... all in a rediculously short time limit... culminating into one of the true nightmares of gaming. So, here's a GTA3 save file with just the paramedic mission finished.


Armagetron (1.17 Mb Windows) - This is a very well made game of the light cycles from Tron. I actually like it alot better than the multiplayer in Tron 2.0. It's more true to the movie, more fun, supports multiplayer, and it's free! Mac and Linux versions can be found at their website.
Scorched Earth 3D 37.2 (20.3 Mb Windows) - I used to play Scorched Earth looong ago when I was in grade school. There's now this 3D version that's impressively faithful to the original. Their new build (May 30, 2004) seems to have made alot of changes, including some dramatic graphics improvements. Other platform versions can be found on their website.


Desktop Icons (7.77 Kb Windows) - Some icons I made to replace the Windows XP My Computer and Recycle Bin icons. View

Random Stuff

Fireworks Applet (8.42 Kb) - A small applet that lets you click to make fireworks. Freeware and is great for webpages.


The Matrix Screen Saver (212 Kb Windows) - A nice, simple screensaver that makes your screen look like the monitors in The Matrix. No logos, no pictures of the cast, no 3D effects, just green and black letters, as God intended.